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Located less than an hours drive east of Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital city, Nitra is one of the largest urban centers in the country. With a population of 90,000 within the city and another 10,000 in the surrounding villages, Nitra is a growing community. Add to this two thriving universities, which bring over 20,000 students into the city each school year, and you have a highly diverse community. Nitra is the hub within this region of Slovakia and is home to a lively arts community and a developing industrial sector with international companies, such as Sony, establishing large facilities. As a city, Nitra is on the move. As Nitra has grown, it has moved away from it’s Christian roots. Though still the seat for Catholicism within Slovakia, there is little evangelical presence within the city. People have little personal knowledge of God or an active spiritual life.

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Kresťanske Centrum Mozaika, or Mosaic Christian Centre, is an evolving church within the community of Nitra. In 1994 a young Slovak pastor, Miro Toth, planted a church in the town of Nové Zámky. Starting as a student ministry, this church grew into a healthy Christian community with strong roots within the town as a whole. In 2006 the Nové Zámky church began a church planting initiative and started projects in the communities of Komárno, Šala, Zlaté Moravce and Nitra. As the search for leaders for these church plants progressed, Miro knew that God had asked him to move to Nitra. Mozaika began as a small group meeting in a local apartment living room. Though there were challenges, we began holding public services in October 2007. Since then Mozaika has grown into a solid Christian community people with a strong component of young families. Through an ongoing relationship with the Nové Zámky church, we function as a part of one larger regional church. This year has been one of expansion as our vision for our community, and our roots within, continue to grow.

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As a developing church Mozaika had searched for a way to show Nitra not only that it is here, but that it cares for people. To do this we launched the I LOVE MY CITY project in 2009. Working in partnership with non-profit organizations, Nitra City Hall, a local community centre, and a volunteer team comprised of Canadians and Slovaks from the surrounding area, Mozaika showed the people of Nitra just how loved they are. God made the 2009 project more successful than we had planned - imagine what will happen when we do it again. More than a passing event, the I LOVE MY CITY project creates influence, builds connections, makes a positive contribution to the community, brings together people and organizations for a common goal and is part of Mozaika’s ongoing involvement within the City of Nitra. This summer we invite you to come and join the I LOVE MY CITY team!

There are a number of ways this project impacts Nitra, but to do this with excellence we will be focusing on five aspects of community life:

  1. SPORTS: running athletic events
  2. ARTS: Nitra is a cultural hub
  3. CHILDREN: running kids programs
  4. WORK PROJECTS: serving the community in practical ways
  5. CITY OUTREACH: expressing the Gospel in a variety of formats

Once registered, we want to help you build a strong team by providing ongoing information, resources and by being in regular contact.

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